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Chapter: Forensic Pharmacy : The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 and Rules, 1955

Definitions - The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 and Rules, 1955 - Forensic Pharmacy



It means:

1. Any article used as food or drink for human consumption other than drugs and water and includes:

(a) Any article which ordinarily enters into or is used in composition or preparation of human food.

(b) Any flavouring matter or condiment used in food preparation.

(c) Any other article which the Central Government may having regard to its use, nature of the substance or quality, declare by notification in Official Gazzette as food for purpose of this Act.

Adulterated Food

It means:

·           The food that is not of nature, quality or substance demanded by the purchaser.

·           The food that contains a substance which effects injuriously the nature or quality of the food.

·           Inferior or cheaper substance in place of authentic food affecting the quality of food.

·           A food article which is wholely or in part abstracted affecting the quality of food.

·           The food article obtained from diseased animal.

·           The food article prepared, packed or kept under insanitary conditions.

·           The food article which consist wholely or in part filthy, putrid, rotten, decomposed or diseased animal or vegetable substance or is insect infested and unfit for human consumption.

·           The food containing any colouring matter other than prescribed in the Act or if the amount of this prescribed colouring matter is not within prescribing limits.

·           A food article which contains prohibited preservative or permitted preservative in excess.

·           A food article which falls below the prescribed standars.

·           A food article which contains any poisonous or other ingredient rendering injurious effects to human being.

Misbranded Food

It means:

·           An imitation or a substitute resembling authentic food.

·           An article wh ich is falsely stated to be the product of any place or country.

·           An article ifsold by name which belongs to other article.

·           An article wherein the damage is concealed by coating, polishing or other operation.

·           The article with false claims on label ofthe article.

·           An article with false labelling in any manner i.e., in terms of content, composition or even the owner.

·           Any artificial flavouring, colouring or chemical preservation of an article without declaration on the label.

Food (Health) Authority

The Director of Health and Medical Services or Chief Officer Incharge of Health Administration in the State or any officer empowered by Central or State Government shall be the Food (Health) Authority.

Local Area

Any area, urban or rural, identified as Local Area by notification in Official Gazzette declared by Central or State Government.

Local Authority

For Local Areas-Municipal Board or Corporation or a Cantonment Authority or a notified area committee by Central or State Government.

Central Committee for Food Standards

It is constituted by the Central Government to advice Central or State Governments on all matters arising out of administration of this Act and also for carrying out other functions. The Director General of Medical and Health Services, Government of India is the Chairman of this Committee. The total number of members of the Committee is not indicated. The Committee can frame by-laws, constitute committees and meet as and when required.

Central Food Laboratories

Central Government has established four well equipped laboratories with experienced personnel in food analysis at Kolkatta, Gaziabad, Mysore and Pune. These laboratories are required to undertake (i) analysis of samples sent by officers of Central Government, (ii) fixation of standards and quality control parameters for food articles; and (iii) collaboration work with State laboratories for analysis and standardisation. Many of the State Governments have their own laboratories for food analysis manned by public analysts who work in collaboration with the Central Laboratories.

The Central Government prescribes procedure, fees to be paid for analysis, proforma to be used, etc.

General Provisions

Any food article which is adulterated, misbranded or prepared in contravention with the provisions of the Act is prevented from import.

Manufacturing Prohibition

Any adulterated and -misbranded food manufactured in contravention with provisions of the Act and manufactured when there is temporary prohibition is prevented from manufacturing. For certain categories of food articles especially, the stored foods, licence is required for manufacturing.

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