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Chapter: Forensic Pharmacy : The Drugs and Cosmetics Act (DCA) 1940 and Rules 1945

The retail trade is solely in hands of Registered Pharmacists or Qualified persons.

Retail Sale

The retail trade is solely in hands of Registered Pharmacists or Qualified persons.

The licensee should maintain registers with following particulars:

(A) Drugs Other than Schedule X on a prescription of RMP:

1.        Serial number of entry,

2.        Date of supply

3.        Name of the prescriber

4.        Name and address of the patient/owner of animal in case of veterinary drug.

5.        Name and quantity of drug,

6.        For Schedules H and X drugs - name of the manufacturer, its batch number and expiry date.

7.        Signature of the qualified person under whose supervision the drug is supplied.

If not compounded in premises of the retail shop and supplied in original container the particulars under 1-6 above should be mentioned in cash or credit memo.

No record for prescription against Employees State Insurance Scheme and other related schemes.

(B) Drugs belonging to Schedules C and C (1)

The requirement given under 1,2,4,5, 7. as given above under (A) are also for this category of drugs. In addition, name of the manufacturer, Batch No., date of expiry are required to be mentioned.

All above entries are required to be made in cash or credit memo book.

(B) Drugs under Schedules H and X :

Schedule H prescription drugs- These drugs should not be sold except on prescription ofRMP. For sale of Schedule X drugs, the prescription should be accepted in duplicate. One copy of this prescription is required to be retained by the licensee for 2 years. The prescription should be accepted be in clear writing and signed by the prescriber/doctor with date. The name of the patient or owner ofthe animal if it is veterinary drug, should also be indicated by the doctor. The information in prescription should also cover the total amount of medicine to be supplied and the dose to be given. The instructions only in writing by the superintendent of hospital or RMP should be honoured provided, they are in accordance with the Rules. The records and the copy of the prescription should be retained by the licensee for a period of atleast 2 years.

Schedules H and X drugs be kept under lock and key in a separate cupboard. The pharmacist should not supply any substitute to these durgs. Schedule X drugs are recorded serially in the register. Separate page for each drug should be maintained in the register with following details.

(i) Date of purchase by the retailer, (ii) quantity received, (iii) name and address of supplier or wholesaler, (iv) name and quantity of drug supplied to the patient on prescription of RMP, (v) manufacture's name, (vi) Batch Number, (vii) Lot No., (viii) name and address of patient to whom it is supplied, (ix) reference No. of prescription against which it is prescribed, (x) name of doctor, (xi) bill number issued, (xii) date of receipt issued, and (xiii) signature of qualified person.


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