Executive Committee (E.C.) of AICTE

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Chapter: Forensic Pharmacy : The All India Council for Technical Education Act, 1987 (AICTE Act, 1987)

The Council constitutes E.C with the following 20 members

Executive Committee (E.C.) of AICTE

The Council constitutes E.C with the following 20 members

·           Chairman of the AICTE - Chairman

·           Vice-Chairman of AICTE

·           Member-Secretary of AICTE - Member-Secretary

·           Ex-officio members (5)

(i) Secretary of Education, Government ofIndia

(ii) Member representing Ministry of Finance, Government ofIndia.

(iii) Chairman, University Grants Commission

(iv) Director, Institute of Applied Man Power Research

·           Nominated Members (12)

(i) Two Chairmen of Regional Committees of AICTE

(ii) Three Chairmen of Boards of Studies of AICTE

(iii) Four out of eight members of Council representing States and Union Territories

(iv) Four experts in relevant areas of technical education nominated by Chairman, AICTE

The E.C. meets as and when required and observes rules of procedures in regard to the transaction of business as per the provisions of the Act.

The minutes of the meetings of E.C are placed before the Council for its approval .

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