Aldose reducatse inhibitors

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Oral Hypogylcaemic Drugs : Aldose reducatse inhibitors - i. Sorbinil ii. Tolrestat


Aldose reducatse inhibitors

In diabetic complications, high concentrations of glucose is converted into sorbitol by aldose reductase  by the polyol pathway (Fig. 1.4). Sorbitol is converted into fructose and these products accumulate in the nerves, kidneys, and retina, etc. Galactone is converted to galacitol, which is not metabolized and causes osmotic swelling. Aldose reductase inhibitors interfere in the polyol pathway of sorbitol and fructose and thereby cause hypoglycaemic effects.


i. Sorbinil

Uses: It is used in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy.


ii. Tolrestat

Uses: It is useful in the prophylaxis of diabetic neuropathy and cataracts.

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