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Chapter: Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Semisolid dosage forms

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Semisolid dosage forms - Review questions answers

Review questions

23.1 The following are semisolid topical preparations:

A.      Ointments

B.      Creams

C.      Lotions

D.      All of the above

23.2 The main difference between creams and ointments is

A.      Creams are thicker than ointments.

B.      Ointments are thicker than creams.

C.      Creams are emulsions, whereas ointments are suspensions.

D.      None of the above.

23.3 The presence of petrolatum-like bases renders them:

A.      Occlusive

B.      Greasy

C.      Water washable

D.      Occlusive and greasy

E.       All of the above

23.4 Select none, one, or more correct answers from the following for the subset of questions:

A.      Cold cream

B.      Vanishing cream

C.      Vaseline

D.      Calamine lotion

E.       Lanolin

F.       Hydrophilic ointment

G.      Jelly

i. Which of these are o/w emulsions?

ii. Which of these are w/o emulsions?

iii. Which of these are suspensions?

iv. Which of these are solutions?

23.5 Select the one most appropriate answer from the following for the subset of questions:

A.      An o/w emulsion

B.      A w/o emulsion

C.      A suspension

D.      An aqueous solution

E.       An oily solution

F.       Mixture of PEG 400 and PEG 4,000

i. Which of these will lead to a lasting cooling feeling upon application to skin?

ii. Which of these would lead to a water-soluble drug deposition on the skin in a concentrated state?

iii. Which of these is likely to be gritty?

iv. Which of these is likely to be not water washable?

23.6 Which of the following ointment bases would be considered as the most suitable for the subset of application questions that follow?

A.      A hydrocarbon/oleaginous base

B.      An absorption base

C.      An emulsion base

D.      A water-soluble base

i. Which base should be selected when water washability is the key requirement?

ii. Which base should be selected for formulating a hydrophobic drug for transcutaneous absorption?

iii. Which base is likely to be the most occlusive on the skin?

iv. Which base is the most likely to cause skin dryness?

v. Which base can be expanded with water as an external phase?

23.7 Which of the following are non-Newtonian flow types?

A.      Pseudoplastic

B.      Dilatant

C.      Thixotropic

D.      All of the above


23.1 D.

23.2 B.

23.3 D.

23.4 i. Vanishing cream and hydrophilic ointment

ii. Cold cream and lanolin

iii. Alamine lotion

iv. Jelly

23.5 i. D.

ii. F.

iii. C.

iv. A and E.

23.6 i. D.

ii. B.

iii. A.

iv. C.


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