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Rice bran oil is the oil obtained from the rice bran of the seeds of Oryza sativa Linn., belonging to family Graminae.






Rice oil.


Biological Source


Rice bran oil is the oil obtained from the rice bran of the seeds of Oryza sativa Linn., belonging to family Graminae.




Rice bran is the cuticle present between the rice and the husk of the paddy; consists of embryo and endosperm of the seeds. Rice bran is the by product in rice mill during dehusking of paddy. Rice bran has 15% of fixed oil and the oil is obtained by solvent extraction method. The rice bran oil obtained from fresh brans are of good quality and has good taste and low free fatty acid content. The quality of rice bran oil depends upon the time duration taken between the milling of the rice and removal of oil from the bran. The enzyme lipase present in rice bran increases the free fatty acid content on storage and so the extraction of oil should be done as rapidly as possible. Rice bran occurs as extremely small pieces. Before solvent extraction the rice bran is subjected to various methods like drying, cooking, and flaking operations. The rice bran is impermeable to solvents, and so it is first pressed and then extracted with solvent in special continuous immersion extractors.





It is a golden yellow oil, insoluble in water but soluble in common fat solvents and is not affected till heating to 160°C. Specific gravity of 0.916–0.921, iodine value: 99 to 108, acid value is 04 to 05, refractive index: 1.470 to 1.473, and saponification value: 181 to 189.


Chemical Constituents


Rice bran oil contains both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. It has 80–85% of unsaturated and 20–25% of saturated fatty acids as glycerides. The chief fatty acids are oleic acid constituting to 40–50%, linoleic acid constituting to 30–40% and palmitic acids which constitutes 12–18%. It is rich in gamma-oryzanol, which will protect and replenish your skin. Rice bran oil also contains squalene and antioxidants like tocopherols.




It is used as antioxidants, as emollient, used in the manufacture of cosmetics and even as edible oil and in preparation of vegetable ghee. It is a powerful skin protectant. Rice bran oil can be an effective substitute for lanolin. Rice bran oil is used in formulations where softening and moisturizing properties are needed. It is good for mature, delicate, or sensitive skin. Rice bran oil is especially good for face and hair formulations or baby formulations.


Marketed Products


It is one of the ingredients of the preparation known as Rice bran scrub.


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