Classification of Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

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Chapter: Medicinal Chemistry : Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

I. Neuromuscular blocking drugs II. Centrally acting muscle relaxants


I. Neuromuscular blocking drugs

  1. Nondepolarizing muscle relaxants

    • Tubocurarine chloride

    • Metocurine iodide

    • Gallamine triethiodide

    • Pancuronium bromide

    • Hexafluoronium bromide

    • Fazadinium bromide

    • Alcuronium chloride

    • Paucronium bromide

    • Stercuronium iodide

  2. Depolarizing neuromuscular blocking drugs

    • Suxamethonium chloride or Succinyl choline chloride

    • Suxethonium chloride

    • Decamethonium bromide

II. Centrally acting muscle relaxants

a. Carbamates

b. Glycerol mono-ethers and analogues

c. Substituted alkanediols

d. Benzoxazole analogues

e. Heterocyclic bases

f. Imidazole analogue

g. Miscellaneous drugs

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