SAR of Adamantane Amines

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Chapter: Medicinal Chemistry : Antiviral Agents

α –methyl derivative of adamantane produced Rimantidine.

SAR of Adamantane Amines

·α –methyl derivative of adamantane produced Rimantidine.

·α–methyl–1–adamantane methylamine is flumadine.

·N-Alkyl and N,N-dialkyl derivatives of adamantadine exhibit antiviral activity similar to that of adamantadine HCl.

·Except glycyl derivatives, N–acyl derivatives shows decreased antiviral action and tromantadine possesses efficacy against clinical Herpes labialis and H. gentalis.

·Replacement of the amino group with OH, SH, CN, or halogen produced inactive compounds.

·Optical isomers and the racemic mixtures of rimantadine are equally active.

·Influenza A2 virus, is more susceptible to adamantanespiro–5–pyrrolidine derivative.


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