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Chapter: Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Capsules

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Capsules - Review questions answers

Review questions


21.1 Why should highly soluble chloride salts not be dispensed in hard gelatin capsules?

A.      Capsules will dissolve slowly

B.      Salts will decompose

C.      Rapid release may cause gastric irritation

D.      The capsule shell will disintegrate

21.2 The main difference between soft and hard gelatin capsules is

A.      The level of plasticizer

B.      Hard gelatin shells are not plasticized

C.      Hard gelatin shells are plasticized

D.      The basic composition of soft shells is not gelatin

E.       Dyes are added to the capsule shell

21.3 Leakage from soft gelatin capsules can be caused by

A.      Hydrolysis of gelatin at low pH

B.      Addition of surfactants

C.      Addition of polyethylene glycol

D.      All of the above

21.4 The ideal powder characteristics for successful filling of hard gelatin capsules include

A.      Poor compatibility

B.      Poor lubrication

C.      Have adequate flow properties

D.      Have low bulk density

21.5 The decrease in solubility of gelatin capsules has been attributed to

A.      Acid hydrolysis

B.      Gelatin cross-linking

C.      Trace amount of glycine

D.      None of the above

21.6 Following is a commonly used plasticizer in soft gelatin capsules

A.      Polyethylene glycol

B.      Polypropylene glycol

C.      Glycerol

D.      Sorbitol


21.1 C.

21.2 A.

21.3 A.

21.4 C.

21.5 B.

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