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Chapter: Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Pharmaceutical solutions

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Dosage: Pharmaceutical solutions - Review questions answers

Review questions

18.1 Indicate which statements are TRUE and which are FALSE.

A.      Buffers are used to avoid fluctuations in the pH of a solution

B.      Tinctures and elixirs contain alcohol, whereas syrups contain sucrose

C.      Concentrated sucrose solutions are good for microbial growth, but not the diluted sucrose solution.

D.      Pharmacologically active agents should be in solution before they can exert their effect.

E.       In general, solution dosage forms have a longer shelf life than the same drug formulated as a tablet.

18.2 Which of the following describes the solution dosage form?

A.      A homogeneous system

B.      The product contains at least two components

C.      The solute is in a monomolecular dispersion

D.      All of the above

E.       None of the above

18.3 Define the following terminologies: pharmaceutical solutions, syrups, elixirs, spirits, and tinctures.

18.4 Which of the following formulation components are antimicrobial preservatives?

A.      Sodium benzoate

B.      Methylparaben

C.      Propylparaben

D.      All of the above

E.       B and C of the above

18.5 Which of the following characteristics will increase drug solubility in an aqueous solution?

A.      Presence of a polar group

B.      Low melting point

C.      High boiling point

D.      Presence of an ionized group


18.1 A. True

B. True

C. False

D. True

E. False

18.2 A and C.

18.3 Pharmaceutical solutions are homogeneous mixtures of one or more solutes dispersed in a suitable solvent or a mixture of mutually mis-cible solvents:

·           Syrups are aqueous solutions containing a sugar or sugar substi-tute with or without added flavoring agents and drugs.

·           Elixirs are sweetened hydroalcoholic (combinations of water and ethanol) solutions.

·           Spirits are hydroalcoholic solutions of aromatic materials.

·           Tinctures are alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions of chemical or soluble constituents of vegetable drugs.

18.4 D.

18.5 A, B, and D.

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